Eastern MI Link

This page displays all the current information for the Eastern Michigan Link repeater system. The
Facebook page is a mirror of all information with updates to the system or members, found here: Eastern Michigan Link. The Eastern Michigan Blue Water net is the main net that occurs on the network, every Sunday at 7 P.M. eastern. All nets can be found via the drop-down under Eastern MI Link.

Call Frequency Location
W8OTC 446.075 Monroe, MI
KE8HR 146.760 Detroit, MI
W5TH 444.625 Detroit-Troy, MI
N8SA 146.690 New Haven, MI
W8AX 146.860 Sandusky, MI
W8TRU 145.340 Flint, MI
KA8IBY YSF 146.720 Pleasant Valley, MI
W8CSX YSF 145.250 Gladwin, MI
KD8TUV YSF 147.200 Harrison, MI
KE8VFY YSF 145.390 & D-STAR 443.3625 Prudenville & Roscommon, MI
KE8FJW 145.430 Sault Ste Marie, MI


(all are simplex)

Call Frequency Location
K8PDJ 438.800 Ann Arbor, MI
N8KPE 145.525 Milford, MI
W8MJC 432.500 Clinton Township, MI
N8JJO 145.570 w/100hz tone Lakeport, MI

Available Modes

Mode Connection Medium
Wires-X Eastern-Mi-Link #43148
YSF EasternMILink #92160
DMR TGIF 99846
D-Star REF106A/XRF106A/DCS106A
P25 9846
NXDN 9846
M17 URF106A
AllStar 501682 & 533270
Echolink AD8DP-L & KE8VFY-R & N8JJO-L #646222