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Names Austin, K0AXL. Been licensed since August 2021, which was just a tech, then December 2021 was my general, and September 2022 was my Extra. I have my Worked all States on QRZ and POTA, but at the moment am much more into POTA.

At my QTH I have an Icom IC-746, which is my absolutely favorite radio, powered by a PS-430 (which the matching Kenwood TS-430S is around as well). If you catch me on-air for POTA, in the past you would have heard me on the FT-100 which got me my kilo from K-6683 my home park, but now if you hear me it'll be on the FT-891. It plus my mAT-30 tuner work well together and soon i'll be doing plenty of band hopping around. Thank you for stopping by!

Also am part of the Young Amateurs Radio Club. Interested in the club? Head on over to our website Since the revamp I keep the website updated.

A lot of my time is spent on POTA activities! Heres my status below:

Main QTH runs the Icom 746, I call the beast. Occasionally I'll take it out for some POTA fun, as it can tune a coat hanger for 160m.

QTH Icom Setup